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About Us

Corporate Profile

Jin Jiang International (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (“Jin Jiang International”) is one of the leading travel and hospitality conglomerates in China . It has 2 billion yuan of registered capital and approximately 50,000 staff.

Jin Jiang International has three core businesses: hotel management and investment, tourist services and transport and logistics. It holds directly/indirectly four listed corporations: “Jin Jiang Capital” (2006 HK), “Jin Jiang Hotel” (A share 600754, B share 900934), “Jin Jiang Online” (A share 600650, B share 900914) and “Jin Jiang Travel” (B share900929).

Jin Jiang International has extensive business and equity partnership with prestigious hotel groups such as Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental, Fairmont Raffels, Accor as well as over two dozens of globally renowned corporations such as Japanese Mitsui, JTB, US Yellow Roadway, UK HRG, Swiss Les Roches Hotel Management College.

”Jin Jiang” is a famous brand in China at value of 17.2 billion yuan.

Listed Corporation

Jin Jiang Capitalmore



Design Concept

As a leading player in the travel and hospitality sector, Jin Jiang International is known for its reliability and creativity.

The logo is inspired by Chinese calligraphy that interprets the aspiration for cultural exchange and fusion between the East and West.

Letter C refers to China. The swirling oval shape implies enormous space and power of the Universe.

Letter J refers to Jin Jiang. Inserted in the letter C , it represents the dedicated Jin Jiang team which is committed to creating better life for guests and clients.

The Jin Jiang Blue symbolizes innovation, wisdom, elegance and consistent aspiration for growth and excellence.

Corporate Culture


Mutual trust, support and help with a shared corporate vision and strategy


Persistence, effective communication, strong will and determination, perseverance, “Can-do”   spirit


Think out of box, daring to try and find innovative solutions, innovation for performance enhancement and excellence


People-first. Care for the employees, guests, clients, shareholders and all other relevant stakeholders


Integrity and self-discipline, respect laws and regulations

Core Business

Jin Jiang Capital

With a full-spectrum brand portfolio, Jin Jiang Capital owns, operates and manages 1,566 hotels with 235,500 rooms. Among which, 382 hotels in 10 countries of North America, Europe and Asia are managed by Interstate Hotels and Resorts which is 50% owned by Jin Jiang International. Jin Jiang International Holdings ranks 10th by HOTELS. The Sino-Swiss Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College is established for the training of senior executives and operational staff.

Through parternship with KFC, Yoshinoya and other brand owners, it runs 480 Chinese and western-styled chained outlets and restaurants with an aim at developing centralized food service, group catering, and semi-finished food products.

Jin Jiang Transport and Logistics

Owning a fleet of over 10,000 passenger vehicles, Jin Jiang Transport provides quality transportation solutions to political VIPs, business travelers and tourists. Jin Jiang Auto Services Center is committed to developing an auto value chain covering repairing, leasing, training and sales. JVs with Yellow Roadway and Mitsubishi are involved in freight forwarding and cold-chain logistics. Jin Jiang Logistics boasts the largest cold storage capacity of 500,000m2 in Shanghai and aims to transform itself into a modern cold-chain logistic provider.

Jin Jiang Travel

As the third largest travel operator in China, Jin Jing Travel provides travel services,planning and consulting for individual tourists and MICE clients through 67 subsidiaries of China International Travel Service (CITS) , Shanghai Jin Jiang Tours, Shanghai Travel and Huating Overseas Travel, etc.

Corporate Structure

Total Revenue: 53.8 billion yuan(about $8.68B)

Total Assets: 38.2 billion yuan(about $6.16B)

Employees: circa. 100,000


Contact Us
Jin Jiang International (Holdings) Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-21-63264000
Add: 23F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63293462
Realty Business Division
Tel: +86-21-63264000
Add: 21F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)
        Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63297581
Hotel Business Division
Tel: +86-21-63264000
Add: 24F, 25F, 26F No.100
        Yan’an Rd.(E)Shanghai
Fax: +86-21-63238221
Industry Business Division
Tel: +86-21-63264000
Add: 19F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)
        Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63291505
Transport and Logistics Business Division
Tel: +86-21-63218800
Add: 28F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)
        Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63293119
Finance Business Division
Tel: +86-21-63264000
Add: 24F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)
        Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63295637
Travel Business Division
Tel: +86-21-63299090
Add: 28F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)
        Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63296636
Jin Jiang International Hotels Development Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-21-63741122
add: 3F No.51 Guangdong Rd.
Fax: +86-21-63217720
Jin Jiang International Industrial Investment Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +86-21-63218800
Add: 28F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)
        Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63213119
Jin Jiang International Travel Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-21-63299090
add: 28F No.100 Yan’an Rd.(E)
        Shanghai China,200002
Fax: +86-21-63296636
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